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The Settlers Online


20.02.2017 Game Update 21.02.2017

Dear Settlers,

A game update is scheduled for tomorrow.
During this time the game will be unavailable.

Game Update

  • Day: Tuesday, February 21st
  • Start: Approx. 8:00 CET
  • End: Approx. 12:00 CET
  • Adventures & Premium: Times will be extended

New content will be added to the game. For more details, please click >here< for the latest changelog. 

Happy Settling!

15.02.2017 Test the new General skill tree

Dear Settlers!

Your most experienced scientists put years of hard work into exploring how adventures could be mastered easier. They finally had a breakthrough! They found a way of enhancing the Science System by implementing a new skill tree for Generals. 

Skill Tree for Generals

The new skills, will at last, provide several special abilities for Generals. To provide you the opportunity of testing the new feature, tsotesting.com rolled out a brand new version with the new feature activated. 

Go over there and test it now!


14.02.2017 Spread the love!

Dear settlers,

A day without love is like an island left derelict. For today's occasion, St. Valentine has sent you a special gift package to write love letters to your beloved ones.

It seems like someone already received a letter, but your help is needed to decipher it entirely! Solve the enigma > here <

Happy Valentine's Day!

02.02.2017 Gifts in your inbox

Dear players,

We all remember the tempest that hit our islands yesterday. Your settlers spent a huge deal of time cleaning the rubble and rebuilding some structures.

For this reason we're sending a helping hand for the damage that has been done.

Enjoy these gifts!

27.01.2017 Easter Event 2017 on the test server

Dear players,

Tradition has it that after each Christmas festivity, the Easter Event is waiting to be eggsplored. You can find the current version on tsotesting.com.

Are you "rabbid" enough to try it out and share your impressions on the public test server's > forum <?

Happy testing!

19.01.2017 Thesaurus Day

Dear Settlers,

Would you be able to navigate your way through "The Settlers Online" if we replaced common words with old and funny synonyms? Can you recognize the original term behind "Lekkernijen uit Hawai" or even "Niet-gelokaliseerde explosies"?

For Thesaurus Day we'd like to challenge you to participate in our quiz in a celebration of the diversity of words!

Join us > here.<

Happy Settling!
The Community Team

11.01.2017 Guild Market Vote Results

Dear Settlers,

The results of the late Community vote were calculated! Thanks for participating and making the next Guild Market batch a Community decision :). 


Guild Market Vote Results - Which items make it into the shop?
Guild Market vote results - Which items make it into the shop?

You can find all results in our forums.
Thanks again and happy settling! 


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